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Seat Brackets by In&Out Seat Mount

Original Seat Bracket Kit

  • For a single seat that is shared by two or more drivers.
  • This kit will let you remove the seat for maintenance.

Second Gen Seat Bracket Kit

  • Holes added for submarine belts
  • 1" narrower for smaller cars
  • Larger handle
  • Positive stop on handle
  • Lightened
  • Safety lock lengthened for visibility
  • Thicker material used

Schools or Teams

  • Call for savings when buying large quantity
  • We can build a package to outfit your whole garage
  • Pre order for additional savings

vs. the competition


  • One permanently mounted Race Seat
  • Sliding Adjustment

NOTE: Some race rules do not allow seat sliders


  • Only allows forward and backward adjustment; no height adjustment.
  • Seat rails raise the seat about one to two inches from the floor, preventing the lowest seating position.
  • Unable to remove seat and replace with another size seat.