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The first thing taught at any driving school is that the proper seat position is important to speed.

Although we are taught this as drivers often we find that the seat in the car too small, too large, too low or too high?   With In&Out Seat Mount each driver can have their own seat.  No longer will you be forced to compromise safety or speed due to sharing a seat. 

Seats can be changed in seconds!

In&Out Seat Mount is a quick release racing seat bracket that will let you remove one seat and replace it with another seat in 15 seconds without using tools. Don't believe it? Watch the video. 

How does it work?

Each seat is mounted to its own seat bracket. This bracket stays with the seat.  This allows each seat to have its height and recline custom to each driver. This position is locked to the bracket and will stay with the seat when moved from side to side or car to car. 

More Flexibility

The In&Out Seat Mount makes a great mounting point for other equipment. This will let you configure the car as you need in seconds. Or remove the equipment to gain access for interior maintenance.

Now you can configure the car as a single driver car with a cooling system or remove the tray and install a passenger seat for coaching.