Professional Driver Seat Brackets

Are you compromising speed because you share a seat that doesn't fit?

When we compromise seat size for multiple drivers we often find that the seat in the car too small, too large, too low or too high. No longer will you be forced to compromise safety or speed due to sharing a seat. 

With In&Out Seat Mount each driver can have their own seat.  In&Out Seat Mount is a quick release racing seat bracket that will let you remove one seat and replace it with another seat in seconds without using tools. 



What makes In&Out Seat Mount special?

In&Out Seat Mount is the only seat bracket available that offers.

  • Quick Removal without tools.
  • Four adjustable height positions.
  • Adjustable front to rear. (sliders are often not allowed on track)

Will In&Out Seat Mount make me a faster driver?

Yes, you will be able to install a race seat in just seconds. Race seats support you so you can relax and concentrate on driving. 

How is In&Out Seat Mount safer?

It was designed and load tested to meet FIA 253.6 J (18,000 Nm) strength requirements. The twin locks are spring loaded closed with twin spring loaded safety pins 90 and 180 degrees from the direction of travel.

Can I use my seat in another car with In&Out Seat Mount?

Yes! The In&Out Seat Mount is adjustable in width. Your seat can be moved from car to car or side to side. 

Can In&Out Seat Mount be used to mount equipment?

Yes! Order a second seat tray and mount your camera equipment, ballast, or cool suit equipment.

Will installing a race seat ruin the value of my car?

No. Only In&Out Seat Mount will let you reinstall a reclining seat in seconds.


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