In&Out Seat Mount Seat Bracket Features

Seat Tray


The seat tray is what you bolt your seat to. The Tray and seat will lock into any In&Out seat mount base. The tray is designed to be adjustable in width so if needed your seat can quickly lock into another car with the In&Out Seat Mount. 

The tray locks into the base in four positions. The lowest position puts the bottom of the seat about 3/8" from the floor. Each position raises the seat 3/4" and moves forward 1 1/2". 

Seat Base


You will only need one seat base per seating location. The seat bracket base receives any number of seat bracket trays as long as they are set to the same width. Your racing seats bolt to this tray.  It is cable operated by the release handle. The seat tray is locked in with the spring loaded closed main slide lock. It is designed to remain locked in an accident or cable failure. The slide lock is held in place in an accident by 2 safety locks 90 and 180 degrees from the main lock. 

Bottom Mount Bracket


The Seat tray will accept aftermarket reclining bottom mount seats from Sparco and Corbeau.

The design of the Docking Base may allow the factory seat to fit in its original location using the original bolt locations. To do this just leave out the Seat Cradle and bolt in the original seat. This won’t allow quick release of the original seat but all the factory safety devices will be intact.

Side Mount Brackets


The side mount brackets have 29 holes each. This allows each seat to have its height and recline custom to each driver. They also allow the seat to be adjusted side to side to align with the pedals and steering wheel. This position is locked to the tray and will stay with the seat when moved from car to car or side to side.

How does it work.


The seat is released by the remotely mounted handle. The handle can be mounted on a 1 3/4 roll bar or bolted to a flat panel.  

More flexability


The In&Out Seat Mount makes a great mounting point for other equipment. This will let you configure the car as you need in seconds. Or remove the equipment to gain access for interior maintenance.

Made in the USA


All parts and manufacture is US based. 

The design work was done by Probasco Design in Plano, Texas

Parts are manufactured by Texas Profab in Carrolton, Texas

The assembly is done by Sparkman Innovations in Trophy Club, Texas


At the beginning of the design we began to gather safety requirements from SFI and FIA. Then we did our homework in several club racing organizations and NHRA. We wanted to be sure that we designed and built a very safe product. 

We found is that there is very little in requirements for seat brackets. Everywhere we looked the verbiage was something to the effect of “securely mounted”. In fact the only requirement that we could find was FIA appendix J article 253 states “the minimum thickness of mounting supports and counterplates is 3mm for steel and 5mm for light alloy materials”. There is a requirement for “quick release” systems to withstand a vertical and horizontal load of 18,000 N (4,046 lbs).

A good start, we wanted to know what we could find on mounting it in the car. Once again almost nothing to be found. FIA states contact surface area will be 40cm2 for each mounting point. FIA has a requirement for four mounting points using an 8mm grade 8.8 bolt. 

We started with the material thickness. Our material is .1406 thick. Probasco Design did the CAD work and load tested using Solidworks CAD software. We used six 7/16 bolts per side to ensure we would meet the 40 cm surface area. 

NOTE: The seat bracked does does not meet the  SFI 2,875 lb requirement to retain seat belt mount. 

In&Out Seat Mount Features

Original In&Out Seat Mount Features

  • Allows many seats to be quickly installed
  • Each seat keeps it's adjustment
  • Lowest adjustment is 3/8" from the floor
  • Eea locking adjustments raise 3/4" and forward 1 1/2"
  • 29 Boltholes for side mount seats
  • Adjustable in width to fit into spec built race cars, street cars, and side by side UTV’s.

Original In&Out Adjustment

  • Allows many seats to be quickly installed.
  • Each seat keeps its adjustment when removed.
  • Lowest adjustment is 3/8" from the floor.
  • 4 ea locking adjustments raise 3/4" and forward 1 1/2".
  • 29 bolt holes for side mount seats.
  • Adjustable in width to fit into speck built race cars, street cars and trucks. 

Second Gen In&Out Seat Mount Features

  • All the features of the original
  • Holes added for submarine belts
  • Larger release handle
  • Positive stop on the handle
  • Lightened
  • Safety lock lengthened for visibility
  • Thicker material used
  • Larger hardware for easier adjustment

Second Gen In&Out Seat Mount Adjustment

  • All the features of the original.
  • 1" narrower to fit smaller race cars. 

Us VS. the competition

The Competition Features

  • Seat is bolted into the car. (your stuck with what you got)
  • Over an hour of wrenching to change for another driver.
  • You will have to drill more holes if you want to change the seat.
  • One large seat mounted low, a compromise to fit any driver.
  • Built from mild steel no mention of any standards.
  • Only 4 bolts needs plates to meet the surface requirements.
  • Cheap rattle can paint
  • Best sliders are not allowed in many racing organizations. 

Our Features

  • Any driver can have their own seat
  • Seat can be removed without tools in seconds
  • Once installed no drilling to change seat
  • 29 adjustment holes fit any size seat
  • T304 stainless exceeds FIA Rally Specs
  • 12ea 7/16" bolts with large washers meet surface requirements
  • Powder Coated
  • Four locking positions raise seat.