In&Out Seat Mount Seat Brackets Opened 22 Nov 2016

Allen Sparkman - Founder/Owner

I am a retired Veteran with over 30 years of automobile and aviation mechanical experience.  

In 2002 I became a SCCA member and started developing my driver skills.  It wasn't long after I began driving that I learned that driver seating was important to going fast.  But race seats pose a problem of their own. 

Being 6'2" I quickly realized bolt in race seats do not fit all drivers. Often my knees were very close to the dash and my helmet too close to the roof.  This safety issue concerned me.  I thought, drivers don't share the same helmet why do we try to share the same seat?  Why can't there be race seats that fit each driver?  So I began a personal quest to develop a seat bracket for racing seats that could allow a quick change of a seat. 

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Probasco Design

I met Max Probasco.  The owner of Probasco Design in Plano Tx.  He took my design and put it to CAD.  After the design work was completed he load tested it in Solid Works.  After a year of development we finalized the design. 

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Texas Profab

Max introduced me to Vivek Gupta the owner of Texas Profab.  His high tech facility LASER cut my design from T304 Stainless and Powder Coated the steel parts to ensure the highest quality product. 

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